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Wine as an investment asset

  • € 96 BGlobal fine
    wines market 1
  • 9.0 %Long-term
    average return2
  • Low correlation
    with equities, bonds, gold

1 - source: Bain & Company
2 - average annual return of Liv-Ex 1000 index from 2006 till 2021

Liv-Ex 1000 index return vs global asset classes

Liv-Ex 1000, one of leading international wine indexes, showing here the price dynamics of the 1000 fine wines most in demand on the secondary market; a share of French wine constitutes 84% of the index

Low volatility and weak dependence on financial markets
make wine conservative and high return investment

Case Study

Chateau Margaux 2015


Chateau Pape Clement 2009

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